Launch Date

Mid December

25% Minted

We will select random Angel Owners who will receive a high quality custom framed print of their very own angel!

Angels Voted - Minting Stopped At 3127

The only way you're able to purchase an Angels Oasis is by heading over to our OPENSEA Collection! We will be continuing on with FREE Pets Oasis Claims (just need to pay for GAS fees) for every Angel that you own! Join the Discord link will be below for more details!


Got questions? We’ve got answers!

How can I buy an Angel and how much?

1) Go to our OpenSea Collection! 2) Whatever Angel is for sale you'll be able to purchase and/or you can place offers on whatever Angel you want!

How will we receive the Angel Pets?

If you already own an Angel you have you will be able to claim 1 FREE Angel Pet for every Angel that you own! (just pay GAS) We will be creating a way for people to know which Angels Oasis NFT is for sale on OpenSea that has NOT claimed its pet yet so you're aware before purchasing!

Where can I find Rarities?

Rarity information for the Angels will be available on!

Why are GAS fees so high?

Keep in mind that you need to have enough ETH in your wallet to cover for GAS fees otherwise it will show up with unrealistic GAS fees such as ($10,000+)


Would love to meet you all, click for our socials!

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Angels Oasis

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