Angels Oasis


• Empowerment • Positivity • Diversity • Uniqueness

Angels Oasis


• Creative • Inspiring • Astonishing • Rare

Angels Oasis


• Collection of 8,888 Angels • Over 100+ remarkable traits • Inspired by Women

Angels Oasis


- 14 Skin Types - 16 Wing Colour - 25 Hair Styles - 14 Facial Features - 14 Accessories - 16 Eye Colours - 30 Clothing Styles - 6 Lip Styles - 9 Lip Colours - 11 Backgrounds


Launch Date

Mid December

25% Minted

We will select random Angel Owners who will receive a high quality custom framed print of their very own angel!

50% Minted

$20,000 will be donated towards the Women Abuse and SPCA foundations!

75% Minted

Our very own Talent Show with a $5000 prize! Winners chosen by community voting! (Singing, Art, Dancing, Magic, Etc..)

100% Minted

Pets Oasis Edition! Every Angel Owner who owns 1 Angel will be granted one free "Pet" (just pay gas) that will be the companion of your angel! 1:1 all remade from the ground up!

Roadmap 2.0 Reveal

We are going to be setting aside a certain percentage of funds for future projects which all Angel owners will have involvement in, Roadmap 2.0 will be revealed shortly after 100% minted! A sneak peak of what we will be doing for Roadmap 2.0 includes purchasing decentralised land for our Angels as well as looking into creating a P2E game!


Got questions? We’ve got answers!

How can I buy an Angel and how much?

Angels will be 0.05 ETH + GAS fees 1) Go to our website! 2) Connect your Metamask wallet 3) Press the Mint button to proceed

How many Angels will be minted?

A total of 8,888 Angels will be minted. Note that we will be holding extra Angels for Marketing and Give Aways for the community!

Is there a limit to how many Angels I can mint?

During public sale you will be able to mint 20 Angels per transaction, you can make unlimited transactions!

When is Launch Date?

Pre-sale: 18th December | Public Sale: 20th December

Where can I find Rarities?

Rarity information for the Angels will be available on shortly after launch!

How will we receive the Angel Pets?

For every Angel you have you will be able to claim 1 FREE Angel Pet (just pay GAS)

Why are GAS fees so high?

Keep in mind that you need to have enough ETH in your wallet to cover for GAS fees otherwise it will show up with unrealistic GAS fees such as ($10,000+)

Can't mint from mobile?

If you're minting from mobile please make sure to use the Metamask App Browser to mint.


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Angels Oasis



Angels Oasis

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Angels Oasis


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